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Portrait of a tuxedo lady

All dressed up and nowhere to go

5 January 1984

I am awesome. And modest.

Much like South Park character Eric Cartman, I do whatever the F I want. I am a sociopathic megalomaniac and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

Luckily for most of you,I live in Japan. I am a full-time teacher, a part-time goth/loli, and a big lover of Japanese fashion dorkdom. My reigning wallet drainer of choice is Baby the Stars Shine Brite.

I speak fluent Japanese. I possess strange catlike powers. I like beer. I think my boyfriend is the cutest thing on the planet and often write icky little things about how much we love each other. So if that disgusts you, much of this journal may induce vomit.

My hobbies include playing dressup, making hats, writing erotica, and playing cheesy Renai Video Games like Angelique and Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side.

Dis iz whut I luk liek
elouai's doll maker 3

Also, plz to be buying my stuff on teh Etsy!

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