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Portrait of a tuxedo lady

5th August, 2013. 11:50 am. Dream Sky Proof Photo

Dream Sky OP and wristcuffs, in plastic, with tags photo DreamSkyproofphoto.jpg

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5th April, 2013. 10:11 am.


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24th February, 2012. 2:37 pm. CHAT


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27th June, 2011. 3:53 am. SNT

These are just some snaps I have taken for the purpose of a trade. F-list ignore.




Damage, when zipped

Damage, inside of zipper

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2nd June, 2011. 8:00 am. :-( DATABASE #'#&$#

I can`t find my own feedback page on the stupid database :-(

Help me?!

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16th May, 2011. 7:15 am. AP shoes

I just bought my first pair of AP shoes yesterday. I tried on the regular tea parties, but the L size is slightly big and the M size is slightly small. Both fit okay, so that gives a bit of flexibility. Anyway then I ended up buying the shoes with the little jewels in them. Yay, pink shoes! I really want the blueberry colored ones, next when they get those back in stock.

Anyway going to the AP tea party next month. Exciting!

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11th May, 2011. 8:28 pm. :-D

I need this dress in my life. In THIS color! Definitely reserving it!


It is a slightly more toned down, more summery version of Fantastic Dolly. I also like the new Meta Fruit Parfait print too. I am thinking of going over to the shop to check it out in person.

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27th April, 2011. 5:47 pm. LOL

Taka fell asleep sitting up :-p

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17th April, 2011. 10:29 am. Some recent coordinates

French Cafe
(No makeup, though ><)

Milky Berry

Sugary Carnival

Meta Cat Print <3

Triple Tart. I love the dress but all the pics I have of me in it thus far suck really bad :-(

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8th November, 2010. 7:40 am. Takas keitai pics

Casual Fantastic Dolly coord

What I wore on Halloween, also known as the Walking Birthday Party

Sadly you can`t see much of it, but I am wearing SLeeping Beauty here

About ready to stuff my face with cheap kaitenzushi

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